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Reverie Community Meals

Reverie Outreach will be re-starting in January 2016.

For quite awhile the behavior of some of the guests at the community dinners has been a problem.  This had created an unacceptable situation and forced action to be taken.  Out of respect for our neighbors, our guests and our own beliefs we were forced to suspend the community dinners to seek a way to modify the dinners to a more acceptable experience. 

Starting in January 2016 Reverie Outreach Community Dinners will be serving meals the last THREE nights of the month to families and individuals over 40 years old.  We are defining families as adults with dependent children (public school age and younger); husband-wife and couples alone do not qualify as a family.  

We realize that there are many individuals who have not caused problems and are in need of a hot meal.   On a case by case basis we will be offering to sponsor individuals, this will allow them to attend the community dinners.  The sponsor would vouch for the person and their behavior.  

ID cards will be issued and must be presented when entering.  Loss of dinning privileges will carry a three month or more suspension to the community dinners. 

Every third month instead of the community dinners we will be hosting cooking classes for up to four individuals.  Classes will cover how to purchase and cook nutritious foods on a limited budget.  Applications will be available at the dinners.

Code of Conduct

Be civil, polite and respectful  to each other and staff.

Wear appropriate clothing.

No gang/group signs, calls or behavior.

No drugs or drug related activity.

No loitering, when finished with your meal leave the property and area around the church.