International Missionaries


Chad is a landlocked country just south of and including part of the Sahara Desert with an estimated population of 8 million. Economically and politically, Chad is among the poorest nations in the world and has a history of internal strife.

The people of Chad face frequent shortages of food and difficulty in finding water during the dry season, which lasts from November through April. Social concerns include the difficulty of getting an education and finding a job other than subsistence farming. Diseases, especially malaria, are frequent; and for many outside of the cities, treatment is hard to find or beyond their means.

Our LB Church in Chad is composed of people from 15 different ethnic groups of animistic backgrounds, who function well together in a Synod of over 700 congregations.

Our CLB/LBIM plan is to place missionary teams to plant culturally relevant, indigenous and reproducing churches among at least five of these unreached people groups. In the next five to seven years, we are praying the Lord of the harvest to send out people of various skills and gifts to accomplish this task. We are pleased that God has called several families to be a part of this vision for ministry among the people of Chad. We are partnering with our sister Chadian LB Church to form multinational teams.

Jonathan and Zam-Zam

Jonathan and Zamzam are LBIM missionaries and are seconded (given) to serve through another organization. Their primary ministry is in relationship building and in translation ministry together with their team. Zamzam is director of a neighborhood Christian school.


  • Jonathan, August 8
  • Zamzam, June 3
  • Esther, January 10, 2004