About the Church

In November of 2008 New Life

Church and The Well came together asking the question, “In this era of competition, even among churches, can churches come together in mission? Can two churches join their resources to share the love of Jesus with its community?

We believe the answer is “yes” and invite you to join us in a memorable walk with God. Memories and friends are hard to come by in this ever changing world. We are here at New Life at The Well not only to make memories but to live life to the fullest.

God always expected us to live in community. To share and help each other be the best that we were created to be. We are community, we live authentic lifestyles, we love God and others and plan on making a huge impact in our community.

In short, we are here for Jesus. To be His feet, arms and eyes. Tired of the same old grind? Come and join us as we follow Jesus and reach out to our community with God’s love.